In line with the "Your Beauty Our Responsibility" tagline, Mylea is a brand that has been trusted to eliminate blemishes especially in JERAGAT since 2013. Received the Super Health Brand Asia Pacific Award 2018/19, is believed to be very safe and has passed not only the Ministry of Health Malaysia but the entire Asia Pacific.

Demand from pharmacies all over Malaysia and Mylea is only available at selected Pharmacies to protect the rights and interests of agents. And it also proves that all Mylea products are very safe for all ages. There are 6 products under the Mylea brand namely Mylea Freckles Serum New Formulation with Moist24 Essence & Centella Asiatica Extract, Mylea Honey Soap, Mylea Treatment Foundation and most recently Mylea Moisturizing Lipmatte, Mylea Pore Invisible Primer and Mylea Lip Scrub.



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Amylia Farhana Binti Saiful Bahri also known as Amylia Farhana is a Malaysian entrepreneurs that managed to achieve success at young age. Age 34 years old, born in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu and co-founder of Mylea, one of the popular beauty and cosmetic product. Apart from being an entrepreneur, she also a mom of three children. She runs this business with her husband Mohd Fakhrul Razi Bin Jamaluddin, Chief Executive Officer position in the company.

She graduated with Diploma In Tourism Industry from UiTM Dungun, Terengganu. Before starting Mylea brand, she worked as a receptionist at Batu Buruk Beach Resort for (1 year), Sales Coordinator at Grand Continental Hotel (1 year) and Sales Executive at D’Saji Felda Residence (2 year).

Year 2012, she started her online business with Mylea Skincare set that was popular among consumer. It helps with skin problems. Then, on 2016 She formulate the new product, Mylea Freckles Serum and Mylea Honey Soup that can help pigmented skin. Over 500 000 units have been sold out in one year. Currently, Mylea brand produced 5 main products in the market which is Mylea Freckles Serum, Mylea Freckles Bar, Mylea Treatment Foundation, Mylea Pore Invisible Primer and Mylea Moisturizing Lipmatte.